How Is An Editorial Different From A News Story?

Similarly, What is a purpose of an editorial?

It examines contemporary events and concerns, attempting to construct perspectives based on objective study of events and opposing/contradictory ideas. An editorial is primarily concerned with achieving balance.

Also, it is asked, What is an editorial in a story?

An editorial, also known as a leading piece or a leader in the United Kingdom, is an unsigned article produced by the senior editorial staff or publisher of a newspaper, magazine, or other written document.

Secondly, What is the difference between a story and news?

Some people may confuse the terms “news” and “story,” but there are some important distinctions when it comes to digital content. To put it another way, stories are about people, about the core of who they are. The news is about something that happened lately.

Also, Is an editorial the same as an opinion?

Editorials. Viewpoint pieces may take the form of an editorial, which is normally authored by the publication’s senior editorial staff or publisher, in which case the article is usually unsigned and is expected to represent the periodical’s opinion.

People also ask, Why is editorial independence important?

Editorial independence is a fundamental concept that governs the intellectual climate in which a scientific publication thrives. A journal is a collection of ideas developed by readers and writers, with some help from editors.

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What is the synonym of editorial?

You’ll find 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related terms for editorial on this page, including essay, commentary, column, newspaper column, newspaperish, article, exposition, journalistic, editor, and editoral.

What is a persuasive editorial?

Persuasive writing aims to persuade readers to adopt a certain viewpoint or action. Critiques, reviews, response papers, editorials, proposals, advertising, and brochures all employ various forms of persuasion to affect readers.

What is editorial writing UIL?

An article that expresses the newspaper’s position on a topic. It’s essentially a persuasive essay that proposes a solution to a problem.

What is 3rd editorial?

In a content or sourcing conflict between two editors, a third opinion (3O) is a way to get a second viewpoint. When two editors disagree, one of them may start a debate here to get a third view.

What makes the characteristics of feature stories unique from the characteristics of news?

Feature articles blend facts and perspective while emphasizing the human interest aspect of the tale. While they can report news, the substance of the news is not the most important factor. Feature articles educate as well as amuse. They may have both vibrant detail and wit.

What are the differences of news article and feature article?

The facts are reported in a news article: who, what, where, when, why, and how. It’s written in a simple, uncomplicated reporting manner. A feature article is a human interest tale about someone, something, or somewhere.

What is the meaning of news story?

A news story is a written or recorded piece or interview that educates the audience about current events, issues, or views.

What are letters to the editor in a newspaper?

Newspapers publish letters to the editor. They are written by members of the public rather than newspaper employees and provide a viewpoint on a current problem. Letters to the Editor follow the same format as other persuasive writing, such as essays.

What is an editorial video?

Editorial footage may be utilized for anything that is truthful, instructive, or instructional, as long as it is not done for the purpose of making money. The following are examples of acceptable editorial footage usage: News organizations and videos Using footage of the London Eye in a TV news report or film on the structure’s history, for example.

What is meant by editorial independence?

The freedom of editors to make judgments without intervention from the proprietors of a magazine is known as editorial independence. When a newspaper publishes items that are unpopular with its advertising clients or critical of its ownership, editorial independence is put to the test.

What is editorial integrity?

Definitions. Editorial integrity is the appropriate use of a free and autonomous decision-making process by competent practitioners that is ultimately accountable to the needs and interests of all people.

What is right to privacy in journalism?

The media has a responsibility to uphold individual dignity by respecting the privacy of others. Article 21 of the Indian Constitution guarantees an individual’s “right to privacy.”

What does editorial look mean?

“Very editorial” is a fashion term used to describe garments that look great in magazine fashion shots but that no one in their right mind would wear. — The Guardian (London), 9 March 2001, Jess Cartner-Morley.

What is the opposite word of editorial?

What is an opinion piece? An op-ed, or “opposite editorial,” is a strongly worded piece of writing submitted to a newspaper for publication.

What is the opposite of editorial?

An op-ed, short for “against the editorial page,” is a written prose article that reflects the perspective of an author who is generally not linked with the publication’s editorial board and is normally published by a North American newspaper or magazine.

What are the 5 persuasive techniques?

Five tactics for persuasion Establish credibility and build trust. Persuasive writing requires genuine communication with your audience. Recognize the reader’s goal and align your own. Take note of the wording used. Consider your voice. Make use of rhetoric and reiteration.

How long is editorial writing UIL?

45 minutes

What is UIL Social Studies?

There are 45 objective questions and an essay in the Social Studies Contest. Students must comprehend primary reading choices as well as specific publications, as well as be conversant with basic social studies topics and vocabulary.

How do you write a headline for UIL?

Write the primary headlines on the first line and secondary headlines underneath it. You’ve got 45 minutes. On this page or entry, do not write your name or the name of your school. On your notepad, write your number (NOT YOUR NAME).

What are fashion editorials?

A fashion editorial is a collection of 6-8 fashion or beauty photos centered on a certain topic that is meant to be published in a fashion magazine. Although it may be whatever you choose, your editorial should have a cohesive topic throughout.

What is an editorial Mcq?

The newspaper’s point of view. [C]. The government’s one-sided attitude.

What does a feature article have?

What is the definition of a feature article? A feature article is a news item that goes beyond the facts to convey a fascinating tale by weaving in a narrative. A feature piece varies from a hard news story in that it gives readers an in-depth look at a certain topic, current event, or place.

What makes feature writing different?

The tone of the text is distinct. Traditional news pieces tend to paraphrase rather than present facts directly, but feature articles make extensive use of quotations and emotional clues, concentrating on demonstrating rather than telling the reader what’s going on.

What are the differences between feature and report?

So here’s the bottom line: An event’s facts are reported in a news article. The importance of an event is explained in a feature piece. It provides insight.

What is the difference of writing a lead for news story as compared to feature story?

Hard news leads are often utilized for breaking news or pieces with a tight deadline. Feature leads may be used for items that are more feature-oriented and do not deal with breaking news.


An editorial is a story that is written with the intent of being published in an online publication, typically in a newspaper or magazine. An editorial differs from a news story because it does not have to be true and can also include opinion pieces.

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An editorial article is a type of journalism that is different from a news story. An editorial article will typically have more opinion and less facts. Reference: editorial article example.

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