How Old Is Jim Gardner From Action News?

Similarly, Is Jim Gardner going to retire?

Gardner, 73, has been hosting the 11 p.m. broadcast since joining the station as a reporter the previous year. Prior to his official retirement at the end of 2022, he will continue to host the 6 p.m. program with sports anchor Ducis Rodgers and meteorologist Cecily Tynan.

Also, it is asked, When did Jim Gardner get married?

Jim Gardner / Wedding date: 1970 (Amy Gardner)

Secondly, Is Rick Williams taking over for Jim Gardner?

Williams will take over for the great Jim Gardner, who is retiring in 2022. “I’m thrilled that Rick Williams will lead Action News after Jim Gardner at 11 p.m.,” Prazenica added. “With more than 30 years of experience anchoring Action News in the morning, noon, and nighttime, Rick is uniquely equipped.

Also, Who’s replacing Jim Gardner on Action News?

Rick Williams, anchor

People also ask, How old is Karen Rogers?

52 years (Ma.) Age Karen Rogers

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How old is David Murphy 6abc?

How old is Cecily Tynan ABC news?

53 years (Ma.) Age: Cecily Tynan

How old is Lisa Thomas Laury?

67 years (J.) Age / Lisa Thomas-Laury

Who is Rick Williams married to?

Mitchell-Williams, Jocelyn Rick Williams / Husband

How long was Rick Williams on Action News?

As an anchor and reporter for 6abc for over 25 years, Rick Williams has kept viewers informed. He presently co-anchors Action News at 5 p.m., and he took over as anchor of Action News at 11 p.m. on January. Rick also contributes to the weekly “Crimefighters” segment on Action News.

Is Sarah Bloomquist expecting?

On Action News, the big scoop is that anchor/reporter Sarah Bloomquist is expecting a baby in September.

Where is Brian Taff from?


Did Ali Gorman leave 6ABC?

Ali Gorman, a veteran health reporter for 6ABC, announced her departure from the network on social media after 13 years. Gorman remarked, “Thank you to our incredible fans.” “Bringing you the latest health news, particularly during the epidemic, has been an honor.”

Is Erin Coleman still with NBC10 news?

Erin Coleman is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who presently anchors NBC10 News Today from 4am to 7am on weekday mornings. She also co-hosts The Lineup, a digital newscast available on Roku and Apple TV via the NBC10 app.

What is Matt O’Donnell salary?

How tall is Cecily Tynan?

5′ 5″ Height of Cecily Tynan

How old is Karen Huger?

59 years () Age Karen Huger

Who is taking Dave Murphy’s place?

Rogers, Karen

Who just retired from Action News?

Jim Gardner, a long-time anchor for 6ABC’s “Action News,” is retiring. In January, Gardner will leave the 11 p.m. program of “Action News.” He’ll keep working on the 6 p.m. broadcast until the end of 2022.

Is Walter Perez Hispanic?

Walter Perez is an Argentinian-American weekend evening anchor, journalist, and daily reporter for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based ABC station WPVI.

Is Monica Malpass retired?

Malpass announced her departure from WPVI after 31 years on. She didn’t say where she was heading. She’s currently a business anchor at the NASDAQ MarketSite as of J.

How old is Kathy Orr?

56 years (Octo.) Age: Kathy Orr

Who is Cecily Tynan married to?

?–2004Greg Watson Michael Badgerm

How old is sharrie Williams?

57 years (Janu) Age: Sharrie Williams

Where did Karen Rogers go?

Karen Rogers has been designated the meteorologist for “Action News Mornings,” which airs Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 a.m., according to the station. During Tuesday’s program, Rogers stated, “Doing a job that I love means so much.”

Is Lisa Thomas-Laury sick?

Thomas-Laury was fighting demons on two fronts behind the camera. She had POEMS syndrome, which paralyzed her voice chords, forced her to use a wheelchair, and necessitated two bone marrow transplants. She then developed an addiction to the opiates she had been given to alleviate her persistent pain.

Is Lisa Thomas-Laury African American?

She knocked Oprah Winfrey for the noon anchor position in Philadelphia in 1978. “I was fully aware that a large part of my attractiveness to management at 6ABC,” Thomas-Laury writes in her book, “was that I was African American yet didn’t seem ‘too black.'”

Is Lisa Thomas-Laury married?

Laury, William Spouse Lisa Thomas-Laury

Where did Rick Williams go to college?

University of Howard

Who is Shari Williams husband?

Crawford, NormanPopsHusband of Sharrie Williams (m. 1998)

Why did Monica Malpass leave so suddenly?

In May 2019, the mother of three announced her retirement from 6ABC, stating that she wanted to spend more time with her children and look for another job. She presently works for NASDAQ as a freelance business anchor.

Is Rick Williams still on Action News?

In early January, he did his farewell late broadcast. Beginning Wednesday at 11 p.m., Williams, who has been with Action News since 1988, will take over. Aside from Gardner, Williams is the longest-serving on-air talent at the station.

Where is Katie Katro from?

Greece, Athens

How old is Lisa vitarelli?

44 years old (1978) Age Alicia Vitarelli

Where is Sarah Bloomquist now?

2:04 p.m. ET | Mark K. Miller | J. Sarah Bloomquist has been appointed to ABC-owned WPVI Philadelphia’s 4 p.m. Action News anchor team, joining Brian Taff, Alicia Vitarelli, and meteorologist Adam Joseph.

Who is leaving on Good Morning America?

Dan Harris will be leaving ABC News. The 50-year-old host addressed why he will be departing Good Morning America after two decades on the air on Sunday.

Is Jim Gardner going to retire?

Gardner, 73, has been hosting the 11 p.m. broadcast since joining the station as a reporter the previous year. Prior to his official retirement at the end of 2022, he will continue to host the 6 p.m. program with sports anchor Ducis Rodgers and meteorologist Cecily Tynan.

Where is Tracy Davidson going?

Tracy is presently collaborating with Jen Croneberger, a culture and leadership consultant, to organize day-long retreats for women. Every day in Philadelphia, Tracy co-anchors NBC10 News at 4 and NBC10 News at 5. Her reporting focuses on news and topics that are important to the local community.


Jim Gardner is an American television news anchor who has been with Action News since 2011. He is the husband of Kathie Lee Gifford and father of three children, including daughter Kathie Lee Gifford Jr., son James Gardner III, and twin daughters Elizabeth and Caroline.

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Jim Gardner, the anchor of Action News in Philadelphia, has been with the station since 1984. He started as a reporter and then became an anchor in 1990. Reference: how long has jim gardner been on action news.

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