How To Disable News And Interests Widget On Windows 10?

Disable Windows 10 Taskbar News and Interests Log in to your Windows 10 PC. Right-click the taskbar in Windows 10 and choose News and Interests. To remove News and Interests from the Windows 10 taskbar, choose Turn off.

Similarly, How do I turn off Microsoft interests in Windows 10?

Right-click the Taskbar on the desktop and choose Hide News and Interests. Then go to News and Interests. Choose Turn off from the drop-down menu. Select display Icon just if you simply want an icon linked to weather.

Also, it is asked, How do I turn off See News in Windows 10?

Follow the instructions below to remove news from the taskbar in Windows 10. Right-click anywhere on the taskbar in Windows 10. Select ‘News and Interests’ from the menu. In the drop-down menu, choose ‘Turn Off.’ If necessary, refresh the desktop.

Secondly, How do I remove the widget menu in Windows 10?

Step 1: Select News and interests from the context menu by right-clicking on the empty area on the taskbar. Step 2: To remove the weather and news widget from the taskbar, just open it and choose the “Turn off” option.

Also, How do I disable News and interests widget in Windows 10 GPO?

Set Enable news and interests on the taskbar’ to Disabled to disable News and Interests. Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > News and interests is where you’ll locate the option in Group Policy.

People also ask, Can you disable Windows widgets?

Start by searching for Settings in the Start menu. Now press enter and look in the left-hand window for the Personalization tab. Scroll down till you find Taskbar under Personalization. Turn off the Widgets toggle in the Taskbar menu by clicking on Taskbar.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I get rid of Microsoft News feed?

1 – Select the taskbar using the right-click menu. 2 – Go to the News and Interests section of the menu. 3 – To deactivate the function, check the Turn off option.

Why is Microsoft News on my taskbar?

MSN and Microsoft News provide a tailored news feed and local weather conditions on your taskbar. The News and Interests indicator shows on Windows 10’s taskbar as a weather icon, but if you hover over the weather, you’ll get news headlines, sports scores, and traffic updates.

How do I enable or disable News and interests on taskbar Windows 11?

Because the Widgets button is located on the taskbar, removing it from there is the simplest and most convenient method to disable News and Interests. Simply right-click the Widgets button and choose Unpin from Taskbar from the context menu.

How do I turn on News and interests in Windows 10?

Right-click a vacant spot on the taskbar and choose News and interests > Show icon and text to enable news and interests. If you’re having trouble seeing news and interests on the taskbar menu, read the FAQ section for more information.

How do I turn off News?

Modify your notification settings Select News settings. Tap Notifications under “Alerts.” Turn on Get alerts if you want to receive notifications. Turn off Get notifications to disable all notifications.

How do I edit News and interests on the taskbar?

How to disable or customize News and Interests on Windows 10. Under Windows 10, the options for News and Interests are found in the taskbar. Select “News and Interests” from the context menu by right-clicking or alt-clicking on a vacant place on the taskbar.

How do I get rid of Widgets menu?

Follow these steps to remove the widgets button from the context menu in Windows 11: Right-click on the Widgets button in the Taskbar. Hide from taskbar may be found in the context menu.

How do I turn off News feed in Microsoft edge?

How can I alter the settings for my news feed or turn it off? Go to the menu, then Settings, then New Tab Page. Toggle Change your news source or turn off my news stream.

How do I get rid of Searchapp EXE?

Navigate to the Processes tab in the Task Manager window and look for searchapp.exe/Search. Select End task from the context menu by right-clicking on it. To continue, click the End procedure button if a confirmation window displays on your computer.

How do I get rid of the Windows News taskbar?

The setting to deactivate News and Interests on your Windows 10 taskbar that you’re searching for. Select News and interests > Turn off from the context menu that displays when you right-click on the taskbar. That’s it! News and Interests is no longer available.

How do I remove a widget from the taskbar in Windows 11?

How to Remove the Weather Widget from the Windows 11 Taskbar Select Settings from the Start menu. When Settings appears, choose Personalization from the left-hand menu. Choose the Taskbar option on the right. Turn off the Widgets option and expand the Taskbar items area.

How do I remove Google News feed from my home screen?

Enable or disable Google Feed on Android Tap “Apps” from the Home screen. Select “Google.” In the upper-left corner, tap the “Menu” button. Choose “Settings.” Select “Your feed.” Set the screen’s settings as desired: The “Notifications” option determines whether updates appear in the notification section.

How do I remove a widget from my laptop?

Widget removal in Windows 11 Widgets may be launched by clicking the icon on the taskbar. You’ll see numerous Widgets here, each with a three-dot icon. Click on the three-dot icon for additional choices, then pick Remove Widget for the one you want to get rid of.

How do I get rid of MSN News feed in Chrome?

Isn’t it just on the desktop? Right-click the Taskbar and choose News & Interests > Turn off

Should I disable SearchApp exe?

When it comes to deactivating the procedure, you should have a good cause. Disable the process if it is generating excessive CPU consumption or other problems. However, we suggest that you deactivate SearchApp.exe in the sequence shown below.

Is SearchApp exe malware?

If your signature information is comparable to the given information after using both techniques, then ‘SearchApp.exe’ is safe to use (in your case). If you were unable to locate Microsoft’s ownership, your executable file is a virus, and eliminating it should be your first priority.

How do I remove SearchApp exe from Windows 10?

Disabling SearchApp.exe (method #2) Making Use Of The Task Manager To launch Task Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Locate SearchApp.exe under the Processes tab and expand it by clicking the arrow on the left side. Right-click it and choose Open File Location and End Task at the same time.

How do I turn off Microsoft News widget?

The option to deactivate News and Interests may be found on your Windows 10 taskbar. Select News and interests > Turn off from the context menu that displays when you right-click on the taskbar. That’s it! News and Interests is no longer available. What exactly is this?

How do I remove a Google widget from my home screen?

That’s why the Google Search bar is there on every new Android device’s home screen The following is how it works: Go to Settings and then Apps. Find Google app, or simply Google, in the All applications list, press it, and choose disable. The Search bar should be gone when you reboot your phone!

How do I stop Google News pop ups?

To get started, long-tap on the notice. There should be a toggle option for the app’s notifications right there. You may also visit the setting page in Settings by tapping on “all categories.” There, you may turn off all notifications or only certain kinds of alerts.

How do I get rid of news in Chrome?

Turn on or off Discover articles. Open the Chrome app on your Android phone. Start a new tab. Tap Settings next to “Discover.” Turn it off or on.

Do I need Cortana?

In reality, the prevailing perception is that Cortana is completely useless. If you primarily utilized Cortana for work-related tasks like accessing Microsoft programs and managing your calendar, you may not notice much of a change. Cortana isn’t nearly as beneficial for the typical user as she was before the May 2020 upgrade.


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The “enable news and interests on the taskbar group policy” is a method to disable the Windows 10 News and Interests Widget. The user must open their registry editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer and create a DWORD value called DisableNotifications. Set its value to 1.

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