How To Downvote On Hacker News?

Similarly, What is the Downvote button for?

The button’s purpose, according to Twitter, is to alert the platform when a response “isn’t contributing to the discussion.” The firm claims that downvote input would help the platform prioritize higher quality material under the title “help us make Twitter better.”

Also, it is asked, Who owns the Hacker News?

Combinator Y

Secondly, What happens when you Downvote a comment?

Promoted Content. It states that downvotes’ are private, but that any ‘upvote’ will be shown at likes – despite the fact that many people mistake the standard ‘heart’ symbol for a ‘like.’ Downvoting should be used to notify Twitter about a comment that “isn’t contributing to the discourse,” according to a message received by Twitter users.

Also, How do I submit an article to Hacker News?

It should be sent to [email protected] Please do not remove and replace. Things that shouldn’t have been submitted in the first place are deleted. Please don’t use HN only for promotional purposes.

People also ask, Can you see who Downvotes you on Twitter?

On Twitter, downvotes are no longer accessible to the public, unlike on Reddit, where users can see how many people favor or hate a message. Other Twitter users will not be able to see what replies/tweets you have downvoted since your downvotes are only accessible to you.

Related Questions and Answers

How many people read Hacker News?

Hacker News is reported to have around 3 million daily views and 300,000 daily users. Simply said, a lot of people read it, and bringing your website or product to the main page of Hacker News may result in thousands of new users.

Does Hacker News have an app?

What method do you employ? On Android, I use MaterialisticHacker News [0]. Reading the tales and comments, it meets my demands. This program is free and open source.

What is KitPloit?

KitPloit is a renowned provider of security, hacking, cybersecurity, and network security tools.

How do Twitter Downvotes work?

Downvotes on Twitter, a service that no one asked for, are now available to more people across the globe. You may use a down-arrow to indicate your discontent with a tweet reply, but the outcome won’t be visible to the author or any other Twitter users, according to Twitter Support.

Are Downvotes anonymous Twitter?

Downvotes aren’t visible, but they do help us figure out what people want to see. On iOS, you may see various choices for up or down voting on responses. We’re doing this to see what kinds of responses you find useful in a conversation so we can figure out how to present more of them.

What does arrow mean on Twitter?

Under tweets, the symbols respond, retweet, like, and follow are usually visible. The reply icon is a backward arching arrow that may be used to respond to another Twitter user or tweet. The retweet button is the box with two arrows.

How do I get rid of Hacker News submission?

Heh, how do you get rid of a comment? Open the submission at the top level[0]. There is a “delete” link if it is feasible to erase it.

Can I post on Hacker News?

Following these guidelines, here’s how to attempt to schedule an HN submission: No URL shortener, just the name and the actual URL. Request an upvote by sharing the newest page URL ( on Twitter, GTalk, or IM with your friends.

How do I post to show HN?

PutShow HN” in the title if you’re sharing your own work and there’s a method to test it out. Check out the Show HN criteria here: Because posts without URLs are penalized, include your site’s URL in the URL area and leave the text field blank when submitting.

Can you Downvote tweets?

If you see a down arrow, you are a participant in the test and have the option to downvote tweet responses. The downvote arrow becomes orange when you downvote a response. You may “undo” your downvote by tapping the downvote arrow again.

What are Reddit Downvotes?

Vote. Upvote anything if you believe it adds to the discourse. Downvote it if you believe it adds nothing to the subreddit it’s in or is off-topic in a certain community. Before publishing, check for duplicates.

Are Twitter downvotes public?

Your downvotes are private, however your upvotes are shown as likes.

Can you dislike tweets?

To begin with, the Twitter Dislike function is limited to tweet responses rather than original tweets. The dislike choice will not be visible to the tweet’s author, but it will be visible to everyone else. Twitter is currently utilizing this functionality to test user perception and gauge how it will be accepted.

Can you see who Upvotes and Downvotes on Reddit?

Individual counts of up and down votes on a Reddit post or remark aren’t visible, but the overall net vote count for a post or comment may be seen from any thread page. On each post, you can also see an approximate proportion of favorable votes.

Who reads Hacker News?

Hacker News now has roughly five million monthly readers, making it increasingly difficult to monitor. The technical conversations are always interesting and diverse. However, social, cultural, and political discussions, which have grown despite the restrictions, tend to deteriorate.

How was Hacker News built?

YC co-founder Paul Graham launched Hacker News as a showcase of Arc, a new programming language he’d been working on. He rapidly understood that it may help bring the firms he backed together with the rest of the interested parties.

What is Google Gruyere?

Try Google Gruyere, a web application that was purposefully built with all the vulnerabilities such as Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Cross-site Forgery (XSF), Denial of Service (DoS), and many more for anybody to hack and break LEGALLY!

What is the New button on Twitter?

button for downvoting

Is Twitter web down?

We haven’t seen any issues with Twitter at the time.

What are the up and down arrows on Twitter?

Twitter says it’s testing the tool to “learn the sorts of answers you find interesting in a discussion, so we can work on methods to display more of them.”

What is down arrow?

The downhill direction, or a relative direction, is represented by the arrow sign. An arrow key controls the cursor on the keyboard. A Unicode arrow symbol that points downward.

When should I post on Hacker News?

The optimal time to publish on Hacker News seems to be between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m., with Tuesday 11 a.m. being the perfect time (why?). The query: It generates the maurycy hn table in BigQuery.

What should I post on Hacker News?

5 hacker news posting strategies Tip #1: Make your title as original as possible. Tip #2: Weekends are the best time to publish. Tip #3: Getting a few upvotes right away after publishing is beneficial. Tip #4: Maintain eye contact with the audience.

Do Downvotes remove karma?

Karma is lost by the voter. One karma is equal to one downvote. One karma is equal to one upvote.

Why do I keep getting Downvoted on Reddit?

It was most likely a bot or someone attempting to increase the visibility of their own posts and comments by downvoting yours. These are known to exist, and a number of them at once may quickly drop you below -3. It’s simply something that occurs from time to time; don’t worry, you’ll be OK shortly.


There are a few ways to upvote on Hacker News. The first way is to upvote by clicking the “up” arrow next to the story’s score. Another way is to upvote by clicking the “like” button next to the story’s score.

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The “hacker news flagged” is a question that asks how to downvote on Hacker News. The answer to the question is as follows: “The easiest way to flag an article is by clicking the three dots next to it and choosing Flag.”

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